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The equipment installed by Amco Elevators will be supported by the manufacturer of the equipment, for the life of the equipment, regardless of the service provider.  No external tools or PCs are required to troubleshoot, diagnose or adjust.  The equipment will be serviceable and maintainable by any and all qualified elevator companies.

AMCO Elevator Services

AMCO ElevatorOver the past 50 years Amco Elevator’s has established itself as the premier elevator maintenance company in the state of Indiana.  Amco has earned this reputation by providing every customer with quality elevator maintenance, and by treating each customer with the integrity they deserve.  When you choose Amco as your elevator service-provider, you are ultimately gaining a partner with the same goals and expectations that you have for your elevators. 

You will be provided with an Account Manager who will assist you in all matters elevator related.  Your Account Manager will first assist you in determining the correct type of Maintenance agreement for you particular elevator, or building’s needs.  They will then be available to answer questions, provide insight and offer advice throughout your relationship with Amco.  You will also be provided a Service-Technician who will be responsible for the care and maintenance of your elevators.  He will also be responsible for troubleshooting any issues that might occur with your elevators. Should it be necessary, he will be provided back-up by the many other Service-Technicians employed by Amco.  Technical support is available to all Technicians through Amco’s extensive in-house library of prints, our Service Manager, Field Superintendent, and Field Adjusters.

Amco also has several Repair Mechanics or Repair Teams at our disposal to make larger scale improvements or corrections beyond what the Technician is equipped for.  These repairs will be scheduled and completed in an urgent manner, whether they are contractual or requested by one of our customers.

Amco is also equipped to meet your larger needs as well.   If you need a new elevator, or would just like to have your older model modernized, we are here to help.  Amco employs numerous Construction or Modernization teams.  These teams specialize in new installations and completely updating, or modernizing elevators in need.

All of the Technicians and Mechanics who are part the Amco Elevator Team are equipped with a company vehicle.  Our vehicles are clearly marked and well maintained.  Every one of Amco’s Technicians and Mechanics wear a complete uniform with our logo and their name.  Not only will we represent our company in a professional manner while we are on your property, our goal is to reflect a positive image for your company as well. 

AMCO is American Owned and Operated