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The equipment installed by Amco Elevators will be supported by the manufacturer of the equipment, for the life of the equipment, regardless of the service provider.  No external tools or PCs are required to troubleshoot, diagnose or adjust.  The equipment will be serviceable and maintainable by any and all qualified elevator companies.

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Amco Elevators was founded June 1st, 1965 by Don Applegate.  Don’s philosophy was to add one satisfied customer at a time, and to give those customers such good service that they would never consider using another company.  Amco is still family owned and operated, and those core values that Don believed in still apply.  Amco also believes that a company is only as good as the people that it employs, because of this belief Amco has gone to great lengths to hire and retain only high character people who will uphold our values.  Amco is very proud of the people, and families that make up the Amco family.

Since Don Applegate’s first customer in 1965, Amco’s customer base has consistently increased, and helped Amco to emerge as the premier elevator service provider in Indiana.  With a customer base of nearly 3,000 reputable partners across Indiana and Illinois, Amco has had to evolve over the years to keep all of our customers fully satisfied.   Amco has local offices located in Richmond, Columbus, Bloomington, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Marion, Kokomo, and Muncie to better serve the communities outside of Indianapolis, where our main office is located Downtown.  Our local routes help us to keep our response time to a minimum in regards to service-calls.  Amco has a total of 10 technicians on call at all times outside of normal business hours to ensure our customer’s need’s can always be met.  Amco offers a variety of service contracts that are customized to your required level of coverage.

Amco is one of the few remaining elevator companies that believe in true preventative maintenance.  In a time when many companies are reducing the frequency of service stops on Full-Maintenance accounts to reduce costs, Amco still performs routine preventative maintenance.  Amco believes the best way to reduce costs is to reduce service-calls and the only way to do that is to have one of our many trained technicians perform preventative maintenance on all Full-Maintenance accounts on a routine schedule.  Amco’s field staff totals over 300 years of combined elevator experience.  

Along with a supervisory and sales staff that averages over 26 years of experience each, Amco is well equipped to diagnose and repair any of your elevator’s most complex needs.  This experience is also helpful when dealing with permits, answering questions, and giving sound advice.

Amco’s mission is to provide superior value and exceptional service to meet our customer’s ever-changing needs and expectations.  We are committed, and will accomplish our mission by utilizing the skill, experience, creativity and knowledge of our people. 

“Our people really do make the difference!”


AMCO is American Owned and Operated